Have you noticed a significant reduction in intercontinental passengers since today's flight?in quimby

Have you noticed a significant reduction in intercontinental passengers since today’s flight?Nearly no increase in competition no significant change in route and partner only fewer passenger. The ors in qumiby has been change?

Yes, everyone seems to have the same problem on long haul in Quimby. In support forum many see the ORS thread.

i don’t believe this new ors should be change in a half-way server ,make a bad experience for players

this is definitely related to the new patch that changes the demand between large cities. However I didn’t expect the change would be that drastic. Fortunately I do have a positive balance and can brace for the impact for weeks.

Same here. Load factors on a key long haul route are down from 100% to 7%. Prices were not adjusted and competition did not increase. Might be the patch that we are discussing.

Same. Most of my long haul routes load factors dropped to below 10%. I also checked the market analysis and believed that other competitors were also experiencing similar condition. Hope that is only a bug and will be fixed soon

I have dramatic changes to my load factor. My hole airline concept seems to be senseless now. That´s absolutely disgusting, no fun anymore. In this way I can also throw my money in a toilet!!! I guess I will leave airlinesim for a while.

Have exactly the same problem. I have a long-haul fleet of 60 aircrafts and with the new load factors I have to stop nearly every long haul flight soon…I hope they will return to the previous demand on Quimby. Its not nice to change the damand when you already built your network.