Help with 3 Waves of 8hrs

I am a new airline based in Sharjah, UAE. I have 3 8hr waves set out as the following:

Wave 1 5am going East
Wave 2 1pm going West
Wave 3 9pm going East

Now I am looking to add a 4th aircraft shortly but am a bit confused as to what to do because if I send all my Wave 3 9pm flights East, then that means come 5am for Wave 1 we are sending all our aircraft back to the East when all of our connections have just come from the East in Wave 2.

I have already made 1 flight at 9pm head west for the 400km short trip to Doha but that is not too popular although upon return from Doha it’s full so it’s great for connections.

So what should I do? Any help will be much appreciated.

For this exact problem I prefer to either set up two, four or eight waves so every flight will have matching connections.


So how do people manage when using 3 Waves?

Effectively, you don’t have three waves here.

Two “waves” going East and only one West on a per day basis doesn’t make much sense. So do it like khoianh suggested.

What if I were to create another 3 waves, replicating the same times but the reversal? Thus I would have 6 waves (3x 8hr waves) going in both directions at the same time. Would this work?

Generally, an even number of waves sounds a lot better, because in a usual schedule I’d expect two eastbound departure blocks to result in two arrival blocks and thus resulting in two westbound departure blocks. That’s four waves the way you count.

The problem is that if you look on ASRoute map, it’s hard to get flights if using a 6hr wave cycle in Sharjah. I also don’t really want to change the flights I already have as I would lose some of them if doing a 6hr cycle.

Would what I said work if I do another 3 waves but in the opposite direction? So for example at 5am I have flights heading to the West and East and then again at 1pm and 9pm

Why will you loose flights if you go for 4 waves? If a flight is longer than 6 hours, you miss 1 wave but that is not too bad. Or what else might be the case?
You have 4 directions to fly, hence you should go for 4 waves. Not 3 and not 6.

Have a look on AS Map and the geographical situation of Sharjah. There are no flights South and hardly anything North. It’s virtually East and West connections just like Dubai. I am a new airline so I cannot implement long distance flights such as Moscow or flights from further deep in Africa.

If I were to miss one wave as you suggest will this still be as profitable as doing 6 waves?

there are of course destinations in the south and north. Iran is north and Sychelles for example South. Also, don’t take it too exact - South-East are many fllights possible… :slight_smile

If your airline will be profitable, I cannot tell you. 4 or 6 waves does not make a difference here.

you could also pick one wave that services medium and long haul flights only. if you place it between the two east-east waves, you could, in theory, create the connections between westbound LH and east bound incoming and outbound traffic to fill those waves.

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What time would you suggest to schedule it given that my east bound times are 5am and 9pm, whilst my west bound is 1pm.

well, your first east bound wave should return around 3:30 - 4.00 am, depending on your hub’s minimum connection time. so LH flights serving this 5am wave, would be preferential

So do the mh/lh around 5am heading west. the same time that my east bound is jetting off?

Also how long should I wait to implement the mh/lh as I am a brand new airline so won’t have enough connections to fill the plane heading that far.

Send something north, or build more waves