Help with a holding thing...


So, probleby a very stupid question, but I need to ask it!

Is it okey for me to start another holding in the same world, to have 2 holding?

I know its not okey to have an IL between them but if I have an IL with the two subs is that ok?

For example, Holding 1 is parent company to airline 1A, Holding 1 is seting up a new holding called holding 2, and they start a airline 2A, can airline 1A and airline 2A have an IL?

// Alex

Hi Alex,

Holding 1 will only be able to start a new enterprise so in your example, 1B. Enterprise 1A and 1B may interline as they are the same holding


You are NOT allowed to have more than 1 Holding on the Game Worlds Meigs, Pearls and Gatow. On the other older game worlds you can have 2 Holdings but with the Condition Ian said. Only Subsidiaries from the same Holding are allowed to Interline with each other but not as you where asking  2 Subsidiaries from 2 different Holdings. That's according to the Game Rules not allowed.

Three worlds limit players to a single holding company, but the others allow multiple holdings, not just two. But to prevent cheating, there’s no interaction between holdings, or subsidiaries of holdings. 1A cannot interact with 2A. The system should prevent you from even sending an interline request. 1 can interact with 1A or 1Aa though, and likewise for 2.

Every new holding starts with an additional AS$10mio, so allowing cooperation and relationships between holdings would give a player more cash to play with, which is an unfair advantage. Interactions within a parent holding and its child or grandchild subsidiaries are fine, because it’s still based on the original AS$10mio.

I think what Foalex is describing is ok.  His holding #2 is not really a holding, if I read him correctly, it's actually a subsidiary of holding #1, so subsidiaries 1A and 2A can interline OK. Did I miss something?

Did I miss something?

Yes - that topic is 3 weeks old and already answered ;)