Help with aircraft capacity problem to London City

Okay, so I have a bit of a problem. All of my flights from Budapest to london city with an embraer e170, the max passengers it allows is 38 instead of 68. On flights back however, it labels the max possible amount of passengers correctly. What did I do wrong? Check out the picture, as you can see, the e170 normally has 68 max passengers, but it has only 38 when flying from budapest to london city, and this is for both flight numbers going to london city airport. However, on it’s way back from london city to budapest, it shows the maximum possible capacity at 68 passengers. Thank you for your help in advance!

London City airport has a 1508m runway in the game, for an Embraer 170 in the game to land with its full amount of passengers you require 1750m.

Now closed to civilian aircraft and turned over to the RAF as the nearby Excel centre is being turned into a 4000 bed Corvid-19 hospital.