How do i schedule fligths for my airline?


read the wiki articles

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how do you build a terminal?

[size=“2”][color=#1C2837]Are there pre-conditions to building a terminal? When I go to that screen, I have a message that says, “Currently you do not operate own buildings” but I don’t see a mechanism to build one. No button or link. That makes me think maybe there is a pre-condition.[/color][/size] [color="#1C2837"][size=“2”]I did not see anything about buildings or terminals in the wiki. [/size][/color]

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Your on the wrong page.

Go to the office page of the airport you want to build a new terminal.

Office Page -> Buildings and Contracts -> Select building type -> (If it´s a terminal) select capacity, quality and decide if you want jetways or not -> start contruction

BUT: if there are still other things you want do in the near future, like order new planes for example, do that first, building terminals is something you should do whenever you don´t really know what to do with all those billions in your bank account.

You don´t really need a terminal.

Unless you have a huge truck (or Antanov) full of AS$, I would not recomend building a terminal - your return on capital, even if you increase fares for flights taking off from the new terminal, will be considerably less than what you will get by investing in expanding your fleet.

I spent around AS$90 million on terminals, and wish I had taken in more aircraft instead.


I totally agree with Saad.

There is another thing. If you lease or buy a plane, you can always end the lease or sell the plane. If you build a terminal, you are stuck with it until the end of time.