1. I Bought 2 planes AVIC II / XIAN Y-7-100A nd Airbus Industrie A320-200 light I have setup a flight route for the 100A between London Gatwick (LGW) and Waterford Ireland (WAT). One of my problem is that the 100A is still showing loction of France belep Islands which was an original route I had try to setup.

  2. How do I see where my flights are boarding?

  1. Have you booked in a transfer flight to LGW or WAT?

  2. Do you mean your bookings for the flight? --> Fleet management --> Icon on the right side ("Flights")

Try booking a transfer flight!

Plus I would not recommend Waterford its very unprofitable , barely any passengers.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the reply. All my flights got cancelled so I got frustrated and left it for a couple of days. Today I decide to restart. So these are my offices; STN - BHX - MAN - LTN and GLA which feed LGW going to FRA and in the reverse. (thanks Ned)

I will book the transfer flight, still dont understand that, but I will. (thanks Wolpertinger)

I have gone into game settings and set almost everything to comfort so hopefully I will not have those cliches.

Do I need to build pax terminals in all my offices?

No, not at all handling is free of u use airlinesims default handling, and most of your airports are very low demand routes as you have offices in 3 out of the 5 London airports, I personally would reccomend using enmbraer 195’s and flying routes through Europe departing from one London airport. Hope this helps

When you buy an airplane, it is of course still in the place where the previous owner parked it. So you have to transfer it to the place, you want to use it.

So far so good guys, yep I now why all my flights was being cancelled they were all sitting in manufactors hangers. thanks guys.

I now have a another problem, my return flights not scheduling, I tried adusting time to compensate transfer but nothing.

advise please

Please note that even if you schedule the first leg you still have to schedule the return leg as well it is not automatic.

I can tell you are accustom to AirwaySim, the copier of AirlineSim. < My opinion only, opinions my vary.

Most of the things you ask are done automatically in AWS as they abbriviate it. I had an accout but I found here and realized here at AirlineSim is better.

Before you ask short turnarounds dont cause delays.

Thanks Dario, but I am a complete novice to airline games. stumbled unto this some months ago but it was all in French so I didnt bother, but last week I decide to try again and found the english version.

I am strickly a farming girl but I find that I like this airline game it has different variables and it needs a lot of time, concentration and accurateness otherwise it goes pear shaped. It only a shame that it is credit based.

I do hope to fly to some destination before my 7 days is gone.

I booked LGW (01:10) to FRA (03:46) that is fine but when I tried to book the return from FRA (03:46) to LGW it will not book, I even tried adding 1.30hr/trans time but nothing. The same is happening to my short haul flights. I dont know what is wrong.

Soooo, I have manage to complete my first flight plan :blush: , I did not say it was workable or even accurate even the order of flying look out of place :wacko: . But I have done it, now on to the next -_- . There maybe a lot of lost passengers sitting in frankfurt :D .

Frankfurt International (FRA) FlightFrequencyDepartureArrivalTypeOperatorRemarksValidityto London Gatwick (LGW) YEA 202__34___00:0001:51J32Suranos AirwaysLondon Gatwick (LGW) FlightFrequencyDepartureArrivalTypeOperatorRemarksValidityto Frankfurt International (FRA) YEA 201__34___

Ok bailee, I see that you operate quite odd aircraft and old aircraft for European routes, I strongly suggest you change this by buying either Boeing 737, airbus a18-21 family and enmbraer 195’s. Make sure u always buy new aircraft with good ratings. Secondly your flight schedule is quite bizarre : you are flying from lgw to ltn a route with no demand whatsoever, I am positive About this as I live in London. Next, you fly from lgw to Birmingham with an illushyin 194 ??. Your flight schedule does not coincide so you are not picking up any connecting passengers. Try to get good interlining partners, I can guarantee your flights will get booked. Idlewide is an extremely old game world and new airlines will not be very at ease there. I would reccomend waiting for a slot to open up at pearls and starting your airline there. Lastly read the wiki thoroughly it is REALLY helpful for newcomers.

Btw don’t me afraid to restart, most of us did it around 2-5 times in order to find the right formula.

I hope this helped and if you need any more help don’t hesitate to ask.

Tamwa007 is right, it took me 4 restarts before I got a successful airline. Maybe you can restart on Meigs perhaps in the Caribbean. I’m always looking for a business partner. Plus I’ll give you some Caribbean related tips. Plus some aircraft tips.

Also you don’t have to put the transfer time in between. That is only really if you have an interlining, basically if your passengers want to go on another flight after yours they have to wait at least the transfer time.

it cost me 4 credits per day for the trial. How much is it for premium

still only 4 credits a day per holding

its well worth getting premium for interlining, trust me

Yes it is 4 as the cost for the first holding but +2 per extra holding. But I play with one holding anyhow so no problem for me.