Higher weighting score for direct route

Hi, everyone, through the ORS I find that even though I provided the direct flight. I still only got around 6 or 7 place in the system. I suggest that higher weighting score should be placed on the total travel time (or number of stopover or transfer time). This is a way to protect the new comers so that they can operate some small-town to small-town flights without the competition from the big hub operators as well as huge alliance.

I think that is an important idea in the game design. To increase the level of difficulty as you moves forward. Seems to me now the game is too harsh for the new comers and too easy for those experienced players.

Well, usually the direct flights are weighted much higher. As a rule of thumb, the rating is increased by about 50 for a flight being direct.

Have you compared the rating of your flight and the total rating for the connection? I presume the flight itself is rated very low, such that the bonus for the direct connection does not mitigate it fully.

There is only a very small demand between small town-airports. Point-to-Point connections only work between the big airports. Look: The small Airport X with a demand with 1-bar is: 5 passengers to ATL, 10 to DFW, 1 to JFK and 2 to MIA. So, you need to fly them to your Hub in BWI and offer connections to DFW, ATL etc… Connect the small airport with those airports will not be profitable. This is not only a question of the rating, more a question of the demand.

If you install bad seats on your planes and provide bad service together with a high price, there is no doubt that your direct flight has a lower rating than connection flights.

Probably another thing that is not the same in the real world is you have to pay more for a connection. If the the price for the connection flight given by the ORS is not simply the sum of all segments. This will add some more challenge to the game.

How so? Why you have to pay more for a connection?

In airlinesim, the price for a flight with a connection is the same as if you book both legs individually.

In reality, the connecting flight can have a large discount. Usually this happens for feeder flights to intercontinental flights, e.g. JFK-LHR-EDI: If you fly LHR-EDI, you may pay 150 £. If you fly JFK-LHR-EDI, the LHR-EDI leg can become as cheap as 30 £ or less (sometimes even negative).

I think it could be interesting to introduce more complex pricing schemes (e.g. set a discount if ticket is a bought as a feeder flight), but one has to be careful: It should not make airlinesim too complex. Mind that in reality, the airlines have people with full-time jobs, just developing pricing schemes.