History of Bankruptcy

Just wondering

How often do medium or large companies go bankrupt? Have there been any notable shutdowns on Aspern?

I think there are 3 main reasons for that ...... 1. Player don't want to buy Credits anymore/loosing interest in the game so his company will be removed after a certain time. 2. A new server starts so the player like to try and play on a new server ..... and 3. Player didn't monitor his company so it went bankcrupt as for the financial situation.

All in all you will see small and medium size Companies usually dissapear for reasins 1 and 2 ........ If you have a medium or large company you normally don't want to give it away so easily ..... so it is normally also 1 2 or 3 ..... but it is not happening very often. Sometimes its just luck when it happens so you can take the opportunity. But maybe you have to start small and expand when you have a chance....

Yes there was a major bankruptcy in China on Fornebu about 6 weeks ago ... but it was taken up by competitors within about a week or less.

About Aspern ... I do not know, that server is still relatively fresh.

What I would suggest is you bookmark slots pages on existing servers for major airports you could be interested in playing at. All airports have the same airport number so it should be pretty easy. Put those bookmarks into a single bookmark folder. Then, once daily, open up all bookmarks in your browser (yes, it may open up tens of tabs depending on how many airports you bookmark), then review one tab by one, and if you see lots of green spots suddenly appearing on the slots page, that means major bankruptcy.  You do not even need to be active on the server to see this. It may take time, but something will come up, on some of the servers. Then, it's your turn to move in as quickly as you can. Best scenarios are where the bankrupt airline was the only or the largest player in the market. In such case, competition will not be heavy and will not move in so fast.