Holding - Enterprise


I need some help.

I have a enterprise in the EU and want to start a holding/enterprise in the USA.

Is it possible to this and operate in the US market and have a interlining agreement with my enterprise in the EU?

look once more!

u must have a holding in Europe to have an enterprise there.

you can IL more enterprises under one holding, not enterprises of seperate holdings, you controll.


Hi haga,

Unfortunately they have decided it’s cheating if you open another holding and interline with your first one. Oh well, makes the game easier for us start ups!

However there is a slight work around, see http://en.airlinesim.aero/wiki/index.php/Tutorial/1.5/Expert_Knowledge/Traffic_Rights under ‘What if I outgrow my domestic market?’

You might be able to open a subsidery in Ecuador (or somewhere else in the region) and run flights into the states from there. Obviously it wont be as direct as to NY and onwards, but could still allow you access there.

Kind Regards


Hi Dita,

I would not use the word unfortunately.

Without this rule, I could start one holding for domestic flights, create a second holding for international flights and interline with the first one, create a third holding and provide terminals to the other holdings, and so on. Without this rule paying extra credits would allow me to start playing with 30 million or more instead of 10 million.

I think it is a good rule that paying more money should not give you an advantage in the game.


True true Jan!