Honestly a hacker

Please, tell me how this is possible. New enterprise launched this day, who bought 2 brand new 737's

Could of been brought on credit? Easily done with 8,000,000. It’s not a great business plan though

Must have got them from the market.

Currently, two new birds require a deposit of 13,500,000 AS$

Honestly, can you stop accusing other players of cheating?  <_< Especially in public ...

:blush: Sorry about that then, I didn't think about the credit system. I'll get back to you once I find a real cheater. 

Guess it’s the second time you’re wrongly accusing another player.

Can’t you just leave that? Or send a mail to Support next time and don’t blame others wrongly in public?.

It's best to report airlines in-game on their info page or email support, rather then in public on the forums. Just remember that we only have limited info about other airlines hence things can look strange / wrong.

Ok, sorry about that. I'll e-mail a staff next time.

I still don't understand though, even with a 90% discount the planes costs 7.5 million each.

How did he buy 2 with his enterprise if he had started out today then with 10 Million?

That's if you buy direct from the manufacturer, look at the used planes, you can buy an almost new plane for around AS$ 3.5m so you have enough starting capital to get 2.

Bought on credit...

Ah I understand, and the rest would be paid back in a loan with interest.


The "Enterprise is a holding" indicates something is strange.. otherwise, what is quite legitimate is to start a subsidiary and asset transfer planes to it.

Why should this be "strange"?

Why should this be "strange"?

Good question.  ^_^  I normally don't laugh about posts but LOL would fit this very much ...  :lol:

I should have put that differently. If you start out a new holding with 10 million, I don't see how you can buy two new planes costing 70 million each. The max lender contribution is 90%, meaning you have to find 14 million.  Or does your credit limit go up enough when you buy one plane to finance the second plane?

his planes are not new. If you look at the picture the planes are 0.4 yrs. old. Have you ever tried the used market? You can buy on credit with a downpayment of equal to leasing, only difference being you'll have a crap load of loan and therefore extreme intrest payments


Also agree with the other's, there is a "Report Company" feature for these kind of things. Even if you find a clear obvious cheater, that's what it's for, not the forum!