How are the pax distributed per airports?

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Are the passengers bound to a certain destination by default or it can be influenced by

various factors? Can the same pax choose different destinations or is it fixed (like there

will always be 2000 pax for Heathrow from Charles de Gaule, doesn’t matter what - demand, offer, quality of flights


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It’s always the same number but it’s not sure if they will take an aircraft or train/bus/ship instead. Depends on the offer by the players.

Are the pax in a domestic airport less inclined to fly internationally than those in the capital (providing that ALL other circumstances are equal, like demand, offer etc.)

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I am not sure what you mean with "inclined to". When the traffic data base was created, real life data were used. If in real life many Germans fly to Spain, German airports in the game will have a similar percentage of passengers with destinations in Spain.

As for domestic traffic… in many countries a certain percentage of passengers fly between their hometown and the (economic) capital. So you may get more passengers on a city-capital flight than on a city-city flight. But people in the provinces fly as much to the Costa del Sol as people in the capital.

But AS passengers are no chauvinists. They will not prefer a domestic carrier. AS passengers will happily fly from Hamburg to Munich via Geneva if a Swiss airline has higher ratings than a domestic carrier.


What I mean is this: let’s say that you have perfectly equal airports when is

coming about demand etc. The only thing differentiating them is that one is

in the capital and the other is in another city in the same country. Are the pax

in the capital city going to fly more because they are in the capital city as opposed

to being in "the country" or every airport has its own "preferences" and is well

possible that a "country" airport to have more pax willing do fly internationally

than a capital one?

On the one hand you have a percentage of people travelling from the one country/region to another. On the other hand you have a number of transported passenger at one airport. And the demand will be a combination of both. The more passengers are demanding to fly from/to a specific airport, the more people want to fly to another destination, sure.


passengers are not inclined to fly more because they live in the capital. The number of passengers and their destinations are in the data base. If the capital and another city have the same number of green bars, they will attract the same (or similar) number of passengers. They can however come from different airports. But that only depends on what the data base says.

Passengers will fly if the ORS finds a route (that is good enough) to get to their destination. If not they will not appear on any flight list.

But trying to find out who wants to fly to Berlin (if you are based in Berlin) is only part of the game. If you fly to Rome, you should also find out who wants to fly to Rome… a regional flight to Wraclow might bring back some passengers that take your connecting flight to Rome. And your domestic flight from Köln will also carry some passengers who are bound for Rome. Your flight from London however won’t have (m)any passengers for Rome because there are enough direct flights between London and Rome.

More than half of my passengers are internal transfer passengers. That means my hub is not their destination. They fly from X to Z and my connecting flights had a good rating, or they were the only available option.



I am not with you. Could you please elaborate ?


I wanted to tell that i.e. from FRA to MAD you could expect more passenger than from a north sea island airport to an mid-spain farmyard landing strip ;)

Is the pax demand based on countries to countries or airport to airport? Let’s say that one airport from Rome has 6 demand and another from Rome has 6 demand. If I fly from the first one to another country/airport, the nr of pax from the second one to the same country/airport is going to be the same (providing that ALL other conditions are the SAME)?

Now I am with you. And yes, one would surely expect and hope this is the case

At Nirod

Passenger demand is calculated per airport, not per country.

But passengers in nearby airports may use that nearby airport. If LHR demands passengers from Rome Fiumicino and all the flights are fully booked, these passengers can book a flight from Rome Ciampino instead. Every airport page has a list of nearby airports under the tab "ground network".

I don’t know if these alternative flights are always checked, or only used as an extra option if the first airport has no available flight.


They are always taken into account. Try providing an incredibly cheap offer at Ciampino and see what it does to the ORS calculation for FCO :) .

Euh… your CIA-LHR flight with a rating of 100 is reduced to a FCO-LHR flight with a rating of only 61.