How did you choose your hub?

Do you have any personal connection with the city or country where your airline is located? I chose Guadalajara in Mexico partly as a result of having a relative who studied at the university of that city. Later when I expanded and added Colombia, that was again because I knew someone who visited the country and who told me that quite to the contrary of its image as being dangerous, Colombia is quite a fun place to be.

Whenever I add a new office, I like to look up the place in Google or Google Earth, read about it in Tripadvisor and so on. It gives me an added sense of getting to know the world without actually travelling, and it can sometimes be surprising.

As I have and had many, many, many … airlines I had most of the time never see anything with my own eyes about the hubs places. I was never in Saudi-Arabia, South Korea, Jamaica nor Cambodia - just to name the countries where I had the biggest success in my AirlineSim life. Mainly I was just interested in a (AirlineSim’s) sense of business but it mostly ended up with a large interest in the countries’ cultures.

Just my first airline I ever had - 5 years ago - was "Fly European Network", which never came to a successful life, was based in Germany (I think in DUS), which is my home country and DUS would be the largest international airport in my reach. Today MGF is based in mainly DUS, CGN, SXF and BRU. Called after "Mönchengladbach" which is in fact the nearest German airport with commercial traffic (at least some time ago).

I was anywhere on this AS planet and my favorite places are the Caribbean, Arabia and Southeast Asia… Just because… I have no idea. ^^

"It is, how it is!"

  • for additional destinations I search in the Wikipedia for ethnics and try it or look over the served destinations of the real airlines. Or when I am totally bored: I have a look on those “sister cities” and try the nearest reachable airport. :blink:

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My only real succesful company, has come to life in London City. I’ve been flying into LCY two times, and was fascinated by the idea of having an airport in the “centre” of a city. So that’s why I chose it.

I have been trying to start a company several times in Nepal, since I have been there a couple of times climbing some mountains … but unsuccesful every time. Unfortunately!

My PHX Based airline it’s doing pretty well to my surprise. I actually Choose Phoenix Because I wanted to grow some place that I could Eventually maybe start a National Parks connection airline Connecting the National parks of the US, I also expanded to San Diego Which is Working very well, San Diego’s A frequent vacation spot of mine And I’m fascinated with their airport, “The one runway wonder”.

There’s not much mystery, Aero Nesher is in Tucuman because that’s where I’m from, but since it’s an airport which doesn’t allow for transfer passengers it’s not much use as a hub, so I use AEP.

My other airline, Solare, is based in GVA because I wanted to compete in the European market, and Switzerland is in the middle of the continent. Solare is doing great for the time being, and I think once I can get two or three more aircraft, Aero Nesher will do great too!

My main company Sparrow Air is located in Indonesia because there was enough room to develop a hub-and-spoke airline. I never visited Indonesia though :unsure:

I chose Dulles mainly since I live in the East Coast of the US and I know the major cities around and plus I had a lower chance of competition since people would have gravitated towards Newark, LaGuardia, Philly, Boston, Chicago O’Hare and Kennedy International.

I went for Melbourne Airport because it’s my hometown and because from previous attempts at airlinesim its has proven a reliable airport. It has a really good connection with high density airports! :)

In general it is easier to start an airline in a country you know a bit by geographic, culture, ethnic, economic and historic. Especially if you have been there or you are interested in the country and it’s people it is more easy to find suitable routes etc. And the wish to fight through difficult times is much higher ;)

SK can i ask something about bold

did game make random demand on route or use historical data?

i notice that some route have extra demand even on first booking (under 24 hours) - maybe game have some real data for first traffic demand?

on the other hand some route are under 50% even after few days (and there is no competition on same route)

The demand is based uppon real life data, but haven’t to be exactly the same.

huh, thx for that info

now i understand low passenger problem on routes when you open route

My original airline was based in Luton, my home town. I also had one in Tucson, AZ. Although Phoenix was used as the hub. I have liked Tucson ever since I visited the Davis-Monthan airbase back in 2007. Truly an awesome airfield.

My current airlines are in Palma, favourite getaway location, and Tehran, purely because there was no competition at the time, and I felt it would be a good challenge to fly from a country with restrictions.

I used a similar rationale in picking my two airlines and their mutual hub. I did do a little Wikipedia because I wanted to get a feel for the airports and cities they would be serving. I knew next to nothing about Madagascar before now. I guess you could say I got a quick history and geography lesson as well.

When I establish a new airline on AS I choose a country I have a clue about. My main airline is based in MEL. In fact, I have never been to Australia yet, but I red a lot about that country e.g. on wikipedia.

Anyway I like to take “second row airports” as a hub. So I chose MEL instead of SYD and IAD instead of JFK. And in Europa I once founded an airline in ARN instead of CDG, FRA, LHR and boring things like that. :)

Usually places I've recently been - often derived from route maps in inflight magazines. Flew to Dubai and Iraq a couple of weeks ago via Muscat in Oman and studied a bit about Oman Air while I was on the plane from Malaysia.

My biggest success on airlinesim would've been from Dakar - which is somewhere I've never been, but I have spent substantial time in Morocco, Mauritania and Togo and it seemed a good hub to reach all of those destinations. 

I'm Brazilian and from Rio. Simple as that. Also, I think it's very easy to play in Brazil for me. Some countries are really difficult to fly from Brazil, with few demand in the game, such as Bolivia, Peru and Angola. In reality, they have good connections with Brazil.

Was going to chose southport but it's not in the game...So I chose Liverpool! (where I live) and named my airline "Scouser Airways" after the infamous accent we all have here :p