How do IPOs Work?


I really don’t understand how these things work. On my server I have two public IPO offerings. One has a maximum subscription size of minus several millions yet says 0% of shares are sold.

The other (same owner) has had a massive decrease in cash flow and has a plus figure in the max subscription size and says 33% of shares are sold.

What is going on can someone explain? I get he is maybe switching from one to the other. What is the advantage in that? I just enjoy running an airline, trying new routes and see how they go, making a small profit and I’m okay with that.

But this person dominates my region and several others having started many years ago and I would just like to know what is happening so I can understand it… Thanks


What exactly do you want to know? How shares and public market work? Or how your competitors can grow?


I’m assuming you are talking about the Wave Arabia and Cambodia IPO’s on Tempelhof? I think he may be quitting soon and so he is opening up his enterprises for others to buy, but that’s only a rumor I’ve heard


Well of that really. Plus the mechanics of IPOs and how a public IPO can suddenly appear with a minus 21 million maximum offering because I am assuming the software isn’t intended to work that way?


Yes indeed on Tempelhof. I don’t understand the ‘opening up enterprises for others to buy’ part. Since I can’t buy them.
I don’t want ppl to quit the game but this would open up SO many opportunities for new and existing players on this server.


Indeed it is very strange, I have never seen negative maximum subscription value on IPO listing, effectively is that nobody can subscribe any shares and so far nobody did. Very unusual indeed.


Hi, about the negative subscription cap: We already received a ticket about that and it’s obviously a bug in the game.

Hopefully we’ll be able to fix that with the next patch.