How do you quote a post


How do you quote a post so the full quoted text is displayed?


Edit: did not work as expected


Click the reply button, then click the bubble when the box shows up.


Ok the bubble in the top left corner of the text box


That is what I did in my first post, but I got a msg along the lines of “quote removed for quoting whole post”


Quoting a whole post seems like an anti-pattern to me. Especially since this software a.) allows really comfortable quoting of partial posts and b.) has an official reply function that shows you the replies to a post (see the “2 replies” dropdown below rubio’s original post.


Well, liking such approach is in the eyes of beholder. I like to quote and have others see what I quote if I consider a quote being useful or necessary. It’s not like one goes quoting all posts he is replying to. Also at least in my case, I frequently redacted quoted posts if longer than a frlew sentences or a paragraph and just left the relevant/beings dressed part in.

I guess this whole new forum design is not very much liked seeing from the total number of threads opened since the transition, which is very minimal. Not even Google translate likes this new forum design, as it is also keeping unbreakable distance from it.

Anyway another question @martin how do I disable the icons/avatars of users in the list of threads. It’s very annoying. I just would want to have list of threads, and not threads with user icons which in most cases are replaced by colored letters. It’s very distracting to me . So where can I disable such display, I haven’t found an option? On phone dialers/address book/email apps it’s very easy to disable this kind of user icons. Here, I haven’t found a way yet… Thanks.


That’s what I mean. I just selected the above sentences directly in your post which causes a “quote” button to appear. Click it and you can quote how much or how little you like. You can even repeat the process for another segment like this:

If you haven’t found it, it probably isn’t possible. Not too familiar with the user-level customizations possible yet, but they are pretty well organized in the profile settings. So if there isn’t an option there, it likely doesn’t exist.


Indeed, this board seems designed to pander to millenials and their obsession with networking and achievement badges. Everytime I make a post, reply to a post, quote a post, like a post, get liked, or just spend 10 minutes reading the forums I get yet another notification of another achievement badge I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about. It’s getting annoying already!

Also, the chaotic way threads are organized in the main page makes it all but impossible to navigate on mobile.

Overall, it was not a change for the better, and I suspect it might harm the game itself. People who were already on the fence about staying after the price increase might simply decide it’s not worth the hassle to learn how this works.


This, for once, is something you can change in your preferences (go to “Preferences” -> “Interface” -> “Default Home Page” and select “latest”). I picked the current starting page as the default because I felt like it would feel more familiar to existing users (have boards structured in a familiar fashion with sub-boards). But I figure it might be better to go with the Discourse default after all which emphasizes the latest discussions over where they happen. Just have to see how well that works with the different languages…time will tell.