How interlining should work

Hey,i have tried in the past to interline with some major airlines but didnt work.My hub is at Athens,Greece,i operate 6 ATRs for domestic routes only plus Tirana.All my flights take place between 07.00-24.00.How should i plan my flights to Europe?

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That's one of the major choices a player has in the simulation. Do you run waves of planes that leave every three hours from your hub? Do you fly in different directions at different times of day?

If you only have 6 ATRs, then interlining with large airlines will only cost you money. More money than you would make. You need to set your planes up so they make good connections at your hub, keeping the minimum transfer time needed in mind. That will get you the best SLF (seat load factor) and good SLFs equals good profits (normally).

regarding the ILs, if you are sure you want to sign a particular airline (while keeping in mind caithes' comment on costs), it usually helps to send an IM first.

Tell them who you are, what your plans are, and why the IL would benefit both networks.

If you want to sign somebody, who is picky about ILs and already connects to any Greek airport, why should he/she sign an IL?

also, some airlines explicitly ask for personal messages before proposing ILs. If you do not comply, it looks like to didn't bother to check the airline in the first place.

nonetheless, caithes is right. Signing major airlines is very expensive. Assuming, they only operate one or two dailys flights to your hub or they are from your region and already cover most of your destinations themself, ILs - imho - are not worth the costs they generate.

and as always: if you name server and airline name, people are more inclined to look into your airlines and help out with tips.

Hey guys thanks for the response.Thermos Airlines in Croudon server,Athens hub.

What i understand is that i shall not interline with very big airlines.The point is that Greece is well covered and i dont have many options to expand.I tried in the past major European destinations in almost every Country and nothing works.

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on a first glance, you might want to check the schedule structure you are using. optimize connections.

also, you bought a few of the planes. assuming they were really inexpensive? then just think about how many more you could have leased with that money thus offering more flights and more connections.

I guess, you bought them on credit. that is usually a rather expensive option and I do not recommend it. the interest willl eat you alive.

and I just noticed, the AGEX (kind of the economic index to be found under markets & exchanges) has been dropping for the last two months. I expext there to be some over-capacity that you also have to compete against.