How is it possible? accross the Pacific ocena with 737

Hi…theri si a problem, i’ve si in ORS the a palyer with a 737 fligth to miami internation from casablanca… ???

this is the screen



it is only 6966km from CMN to MIA. the B739-900 ER HGW has a range of 7340km, the winglet version 7590km. so it can carry approx. 71% of its maximum payload.

But what´s that screen got to do with the thread titel ?

[size="2"] How is it possible? accross the Pacific ocena with 737 [/size]

To answer that, it isn´t possible, the 737-900ER HGW(winglets) can fly for example SEA to CTS, but that´s not really across the pacific ocean, more kind of around it.

But if you add a stop in HNL you can reach all of Japan from there.

On the southern hemisphere a one-stop connection across the pacific with a 739 could be LIM-GBR-SYD

… its the atlantic, not pacific here. However, where is the Problem? I fly from DEN to DUB or MAN with a 73J.

sorry for mistake…it0s atlantic ocean…but in real, is there a flight between casablanca and Miami manage with 737? I don’t belive

not sure if there is but it’s possible, technically speaking

Nope, but lots of B757s used on those routes.

And in AS the B737-900ER has got such a good performance that it can be used for many very long medium haul or short long haul routes, like US-eastcoast to Europe, ideal for thin routes.

Realism? Well, sure, you are right, the B737-900 is not used for these routes in real life, but ArkeFly of Holland does fly from Amsterdam to Natal and Fortaleza (Brazil) with the B737-800 via the Cabo Verde Islands. So, although it is not common practice, it does happen in real life as well.

Air Europa also used A321 for transatlantic flights to southern america, Private Air ist using the 737-800 too and there are some more examples. In former times, Icelandair also used the 737-400 (of course with a stop in KEF) for flights between USA/Canada and Europe. So it is possible, but in real life some aspects have to be awared of, which can’t be simulated, like the weather etc.

All Nippon Airways (NH): NRT-BOM = 6,793 km (737)

Air India (AI): FRA-PNQ = 6,692 km (73H)

These are the only two nonstop regular flights with more than 4000 nautical miles long. Coincidentally, they both involve Indian airports with one of them being an oddly route between Pune and Frankfurt (by Air India)

It’s possible and it does happen in real life, but it’s very, very rare.

The FRA-PNQ flight


edit: I think this route has been made before by Lufthansa with an A319. This is a very strange route.

It is still "Lufthansa" if you like - read your own link:

But to be honest - it isn’t Air India and Lufthansa at all - it’s operated by PrivatAir

PrivatAir specializes in business-class only flights (or at least they did in the past). That means that the pax payload is significantly lower than regular Y-class, meaning they can operate aircraft like 737s and A319s over longer distances.