How is it possible?


little boring I looked around and I found this (already reported, not by me:):



This company was founded 2016-12-28, so it has 16 wide-bodies (incl. 2x A380!) and others 50+ narrow-bodies after 3 weeks.... with quite normal cabin configurations and pricing policy... impossible.

Especially compared with superb airlines, like KTA, BA, SQ, SA and OA, which all they have started their operations more than month earlier on 2016-11-21.

Do you have any explanation?

Outsmarted everyone, bending the game rules to the max, cheating. These are the explantions. 

Keeps me wonder also. 

I dont think someone can achieve this legit.

If you have a suspicion about another airline, please report the company. If it's already reported in-game, you can still send an e-mail to support to make sure it's being investigated for the right reason.

Its an obvious cheat(or exploit), but its not the 1st one on the server, not to mention the game itself.

When you report an airline, please wait for the answer of the support. It can last up to 2 weeks depending on the traffic  :)

The problem with these situations is that during these 2 weeks the cheaters really do harm other players...

i reported that lhbp(bud) needs to change from 6 to at least 7 demand pax, 'cuz of the irl pax numbers, and the yearly ~10% growing(they just started to build a new pier at T2/B) . Months ago. Still no answer.

So starting from here…well…:slight_smile:

I reported them… and I just got an email back saying they were deleted.