How long flight timetable schedule

[color=#888888][font=arial, sans-serif][size=2][color=#333333][size=2]In some long-distance routes, such as one-way more than 10 or 12 hours, an aircraft can fly 7 classes a week in theory.However, due to schedule only weekly schedule, I can only set to 1-3-5, from A to B, then 2-4-6, from B to A, on Sunday as long as the fly short-haul routes. Ideally, if the same flight schedule two weeks time, so I can set the first week, 1 -3-5-7, from A to B ,2-4-6, from B to A, the second week, 1-3 -5-7, from B to A ,2-4-6, from A to B, the third week of the fourth week after the implementation of the timetable cycle. In this way, one can perform seven planesa week long-haul flights.

In addition, two aircraft with a long-haul routes, how to share a flight number, the flight 7 classes, so that between the two cities did not[/size][/color]

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Really nice idea! I like it alot!


it is indeed an excellent idea.

One that has already been suggested in the past. Perhaps a two-week-schedule will be optional in a future version…


The two week schedule is really a good idea.

FWIW, I’ve found that you can reasonably effectively fly 2 routes 6x/week (and a third 3x/week) pretty easily with three aircraft by rotating assignments across planes, although this probably works better for longer routes (12-14 hours) than shorter (10-12).


My English is poor, can not understand what you say. You can provide a simple layout examples? (Like I said earlier, the A-B 1-3-5 and the like) Thank you

i think a two week schedule would reduce the realisticity of the game…as the real world does use the 7 day cycle, plus, a two week schedule would mess up the slot availability


I am not sure the whole world operates on a 7 day cycle…

And the people who ask for a two week schedule, are mostly people who try to schedule daily flights but who are currently forced to create irregular schedules ;)


For my ULH routes (such as DXB-YYZ), I initially schedule on 2 aircrafts.

One flight number

Aircraft 1: Departs Monday and Friday morning

Aircraft 2: Departs Tuesday and Saturday Morning

Second flight number:

Aircraft 1: Departs Tuesday night/Wednesday morning

Aircraft 2: Departs Wednesday night/Thursday morning

This leaves me with a maintenance ratio of around 120-140% and gives me a 6 weekly flight schedule.

Someitmes, I add a short haul return (DXB-AUH).


whereas a two-week schedule - again with 2 aircraft - would allow you to give each aircraft a two day cycle, but aircraft 1 begins on odd days and aircraft 2 begins on even days.

In your example, the DXB to YYZ flight takes under 15 hours in one direction. Aircraft 1 departs from Dubai around 00:01 on day one, stays two hours on the ground for maintenance, leaves Toronto around 17:00 and arrives back in Dubai the next morning around 08:00. Between 08:00 and midnight the plane can do a regional flight plus enough maintenance time. Aircraft 2 does exactly the same cycle but starts one day later.


one flight number for the outgoing flight

one flight number for the returning flight

one flight number for the outgoing regional flight

one flight number for the returning regional flight

all flights are daily

all flights use the same slots


Ah, but the regional flights would yield a lot less profit becuase the aircraft is relatively ineffecient on those routes compared to a smaller aircraft like the 737.

This is why I try to keep my very small flights on Long Haul aircraft to a minimum.

I can see this working from different locations, just not from Dubai because the costs of operating a 777 or 380 (or even 330 and 767) on smaller routes when compared to the 737 to/from Dubai is substantionally higher.

The problem is: Real airline scheduling software is "fully dated" - meaning it understands the difference between Tues Jan 3, 2012, Tues Jan 10, 2012, and Tues Jan 17, 2012, and so on. As do real airline reservations systems. Real airline scheduling software also allows the option of scheduling all aircraft as a lump, instead of individually. So for example, a real airline schedule would allow an airline with two aircraft to operate in a two-day pattern, and an airline with 30 aircraft to operate in a 30-day pattern. Alternartively, a 30 airplane airline can schedule their aircraft on 3 lumps of 10, or 2 lumps of 15, or 2 luimps of 10 and 20. Also, real airlines do not conduct maintenance nightly at every location, but rather have certain overnight maintenance locations and cycle aircraft through in a 3 to 5 day pattern (unless a problem is reported). There are features that simulate what AS does, but for most large airlines, it is not practical because of the "real world" element (i.e. weather delays, technical cancellations/delays, etc) that is not really included in AirlineSim. Of course, real airlines also accept bookings 180 days out to 330 days out, not 3 days out.

Thus, there are some parameters of the game which are simply a function of it’s design. This might be one of them.

I agree, a different scheduling tool might be nice - but it may also require extensive changes to how the game works - which might not be worth it for the vast majority of users, unless tried on a completely new server as a beta test. It could be a "completely different" game. One which might be better - or not.

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Another point is that real airline schedulers and reservations systems can alter schedules and fares after the schedule is initially released. Poor performing flights get cancelled and passengers get re-booked or refunded, etc. All AS allows is cancel the existing flight and take the penalty. With a 3-day booking window, it works in the context of the game - but is clearly not a real-world scenario. Its another issue that likely would change the game play and make the game much different - sounds good on the surface, but likely requires a re-engineering of the entire model, which is likely not feasible, even if desired.