How much time do you spend on average per day/week/month playing airlinesim?

Just curious how much time do players spend on average for airlinesim. I play twice or thrice a week for about an hour each on average.

When I started 6-7 years ago, it was probably an hour or more per day. Now real life caught up with me, in terms of career and kids. I think it has been 3 weeks without any change to my airlines.
Still scanning forums and approve logos daily though :laughing:

I am a high school student so this summer probably an hour a day, some days more. During the school year I just check the aircraft market and scan things over for maybe 15 minutes a day.

University student here; during break I check it every day and spend about in total 1h. During the rest of the year just a few minutes a day, enough to check the demand and adjust the prices.