How to add a banner in the signature area with the summary of your airline

As title, I can see some users have that, don’t know how, pls. Help

The banner summarizes the size of fleet team, total passenger etc.,

Add an image to your signature with the URL as following:



You have to replace (SERVER) and (ID) with your server and ID, respectively. You can get your id on your info page. It's the number in the info page's URL that comes after /id/.

I hope this helps. :wink:

Tried but still no show

Correct format?

The URL seems to be correct, you just have to put it as an image in your signature. ;)

Tks, do you mean that I shall save the image and then upload it?

No, when editing your signature just click on this:


Then enter the URL of your banner there and it should appear as an image. :slight_smile:

I had the same problem yesterday and got it that way:

1st step: enter the following url as a LINK:

2nd step: enter the following url as an IMAGE:

good luck!


or you just insert:


[server] = your server

[ID] = your airline ID

Hint: don't forget to change it both times

It works! Thank you all for your great help!!

How does one add the second image of the airline, such as the one of "East African Wings" above?

You'd go into your profile, edit your signature. Click on the 'Image' button (kinda underneath the smiley) and up pops a box where you put in the URL of the image you want to have in your signature. You'd just need to have the image uploaded to one of hundreds of image hosting sites. Dropbox, Imageshack.. I'm sure even Facebook would work.

Thanks for the help.

Just an addition to all.

You can have a max of two airline banners in the signature. And if you are UAB member you can add the UAB banner. This is the only exception.

So have fun....

I am still having problems with this - is it one line full line with no gaps or 2 seperate lines?

Ok I've got it sorted....

It is one line with no gaps.

But I think it is not working any more. They have changed the forum software with the last update.

Now you have to insert the image with the image button.


Then mark the image and add a link (the little chain with the green plus; next to the image button)


But I think it is not working any more. They have changed the forum software with the last update.

It’s not the forum software, it’s the rich text editor that is enabled by default. If you revert to the plain text edit box (icon in the top left of the reply editor’s toolbar) then you can add the appropriate square bracket tags as you want. Kinda like how website “designers” used to make pages before GeoCities did their graphical editor thingy (and a cgi-bin folder was the apex of an awesome site, especially if you used <blink></blink> tags too).

can anybody help me. Its showing that You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community.