How to get a high ORS rating?

I currently am in domination with my third airline attempt to make a profit yet i still have not managed to get an ORS rating 8/10 and over, can anyone give me advice how to increase my ORS rating?
Here is my airline:

Seems like you’re the only person flying your current route. At that point you should probably be capturing most/all of the pax for those routes that can fit on your aircraft. I’d be concerned about the rating if you had competitors and your load factors weren’t high enough.

But of course to increase it you should look at different departure times, aircraft popularity with passengers, inboard service and seating rating. And of course, your ticket prices!

don’t worry about your ORS score too much if you are not competing but just make sure you have a service profile and ok seats.
Focus more on having good connections and flying to routes that have good demand.