How to Improve image?

I did some research around the forum but still don’t quite understand how to increase my image rating

I have max rating on catering, seating, staff mood, condition and numbers of attendants, I still got a 3 bar image (not the overall one)

is there any way to increase the rating? many of my routes have competitors with 100 ratings but mine sometime doesn’t even show up on the ORS (I know this is due to my lower rating)


the ORS rating is not an image rating, it is the value for money rating or price performance ratio, as it is called on the flight information page. These are the factors that influence your ORS rating:

  • price

  • on-board service

  • type of seats

  • the terminal where your flight departs

  • the overall image of your airline, as shown on the overview page of your airline.

If you lower your ticket price, or increase the value of your service (better seats, better on-board service, and so on) your flight will get a higher rating.

The overall image of your airline is the average of all image ratings of all your flights. You can increase the image rating of an individual flight by putting more flight attendants on the plane and by increasing the staff mood. Other factors that influence the image rating of an individual flight: aircraft type, aircraft age and aircraft condition. Ignore seat space (leg room) because it is unrealistic. You need to remove half of your seats to get one extra green bar.

So the overall image of your airline is only one factor that determines your ORS rating. If you operate a fleet of newly leased aircraft, your airline image should be okay.


thanks for the reply, I’m thinking of adding some A319s/18s to my fleet as an addition/ replacement to my Q400s, since it couldn’t hold many people and it’s not so profitable when running ecoplus