How to 'Return' a leased aircraft


A couple days ago I leased an aircraft but I want to return it, because its not profitable at all,

can I just return the aircraft and get money back or will I have to pay a fine if I do that?


Oops... I clicked on Terminate  on that aircraft.. It still appears in my fleet list though,  can I get my deposit money back?

And on the contract window of that aircraft it says:

Next billing Thu, 04.07.2013, 03:00 HT

??? why will they charge me money if I cancelled it?

thats correct. If you cancelled the contract it will be there until the next weekly paymant is due. So if you got the plane on Friday 0800 the plane will be for one week in your fleet. the contract is valid for one week. You will get back the money in this case on Friday after 0800 ...

Thanks Benjamin for responding!

Okay, that does make sence actually lol,

So Ill have to pay 1 last time the weekly leasing costs and Ill get back my deposit money, ok great, thanks again!

No .... you paid for 1 week and you don't have to pay for it again .... you will just get the deposit back after the week is over  ;)