How to transfer funds?

How do I go about transferring funds from my holdings company to a non-public enterprise? I was wanting to shift earnings from derivatives 

It's currently not possible to transfer funds directly between companies: It might be implemented in the future, but it's not top priority. The possible option for you right now would be to transfer assets (aircraft).

What Spezialist wants to say that if you OWN aircraft (bought cash, not on credit or leased) you can do the followinG:

Asset Transfer -> Aircraft

From SUBS -> to HOLDING Sell aircraft for book value

then switching to Holding and going back to

Asset Transfer -> Aircraft

From HOLDING -> to SUBS transfer aircraft for free

I'm a little confused with what I was reading earlier. I have roughy $11million I want to send from my holdings to my wholly owned enterprise. The best means is to buy a $11 million dollar plane and transfer it to my enterprise? Or can I lease an aircraft then transfer it?

No. You want to buy a cheap plane. I think the Britten-Norman Islander you can get for $250,000 or so. The cheaper plane you get, the more you will save. Once you buy that $11 million plane, that $11 million is gone. Get something cheap and then transfer between your airlines to transfer funds. Do 'Asset Transfer Without Compensation' and send the plane to the company you want to get the money. Then do a 'Sale' back to the company that's providing the money. Rinse, repeat, profit. :D

I find Boeing 737-200 a nice transfer aircraft. It can be had for about a 1.1 million and you can transfer the same amount of money in one move.

Also the aircraft is the same maintenance category as other Boeing 737, be them classic versions or NG versions, so you can actually use the plane within your fleet when you don’t need it to transfer money. So it can actually be a productive asset.

Is there a way to avoid acquiring a LOT of pilots during this process? I have about 160 that I now need to furlough

You should have your 'hire pilots' setting turned off in your settings. That's one of the first things I do when starting a new airline... go through the settings, make sure things are set to what I need. Otherwise... yeah. You end up with a lot of pilots. That's gonna hurt. For your holding, if you're not flying with them, cut their salaries down immediately. If they're on your flying airline, then train them to a type of pilot you need them to be.

Don't, for whatever reason, fire them. If you have 160, and they each average $1000 a week in pay, you'll end up paying $800,000+ in severance pay. I've done that. It can ruin an airline, especially if it's young.