Ola, sou novo no jogo e nao estou conseguindo criar uma rota, nao consigo pegar um slot nada.

me ajudem!!!

como colocar tal aviao pra voar naquela rota

Cara to na mesma situação que a tua. Comprei um Boieng 727 e não consigo utilizá-lo

Sorry I can’t answer in Portuguese, I think google translate can help out if need be. Anyway, here goes:

To fly a route, you need to open an office at the airport you want to fly to. Once that’s done, go to your aircraft, set up a flight number, departure airport, destination, deprture time and days on which to operate the flight. Assign the flight and repeat for all other flights you want to operate.

Also, make sure the aircraft has a cabin configuraton and crew assigned.

When all that is done, you’ll need to activate the flight plan, and your plane will start flying about 24 hours later.

I hope that helped, if there are any more questions, feel free to ask. :)