I need some help Please!!!

I am new to this game and i keep ending up going bankrupt. I am in meigs would out of MSP. I have leased 2 A319-100 and I am just starting out again I have 4 routes they are MSP-ORD, MSP-STL, MSP-MCI, MSP-DSM. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I would just like to be able to start playing and making money instead of losing money all the time.



Starting in the USA (and Europe) is really hard, as there are many competitors. Try to find countrys with good domestic market and lots of free slots (south-eastern asia, high demand, big cities). Be aware of the "open" countries (see "Wiki"). Then define your central hub, usually the biggest Airport in the country. Then define your network and look for destinations, giving it a direction in a geographical point of view. Try to mix local lines with international destinations, to offer your pax connections at your HUB. I have two HUB meetings per day, so you can build a network for example North-west - Hub - South east and back. It is working with 3-4 aircraft already!

A 319 is small and expensive, it is better to lease A 320. Try to start with smaller aircrafts like canadair Jets and mix it with props, I love Dash 8! Small, cheap and you dont lose too much money, when destinations dont work. Give pax comfort! I installed eco+ Seat in all aircraft and lie flat in Business. And, First Class everywhere (diversification). Try to find on bord service that matches with flown distances without spending too much money per pax. Try it, it takes a while to find a cheap way to satisfy your pax. (e.G. Business Pax love good newspapers on longer distances).

Try it and never give up! Having full planes for prices far over standard is cool!


Most--if not all--of us have had the same experience in the beginning. I have been at this for months and still feel like I am learning how to play.

I wouldn't say starting in the US is hard, It took me under 2 weeks to get a triple A airline going in BNA, if you plan, use routemap,flight schedule, ORS then you should do fine-oh, and don't lease massive jets if you're starting out, I don't understand why new players aren't content with a nice little fleet of ATR's, with 10 Million you can lease about 15 of the things brand new and still have plenty of cash left over.  :D

SovieSplicer is right. Go small at the start. I nice fleet of small ATR/Dash 8s will go a long way. Then as time goes on and you are profitable you can start to add larger aircraft. I do not understand why some poeple start off with 747s and get frustrated when their airline fails.

While the A319 might seem like a small aircraft you need to take into consideration fuel, landing ATC fees and lease rates. If you lease a cheap aircraft then you spend less on leasing payments. Smaller a/c like the ATR use less fuel, and require smaller atc payments and pilot salaries are smaller too.  You can still turn a really nice profit with regional aircraft.