I want to see a email verify before one can play the game

I have searched the forum, no similar suggestion.

Now everyone can register a account and playing the game without verify his/her email. Try that, you can use any email address you want, 1@hotmail.com? ok, 2@gmail.com, still ok. And after the registration, you can play immediately.

How could this happen? Why you don’t verify the email before activating one’s account? This will cause some misbehavior in the game. One can create so many fake accounts using fake email address in a day and destroy some other user by setting a lower price on some routes.

Now I see email verification everywhere, it is quite common several years ago. From technical perspective, nothing hard to implement this. I was really shocked when I found there is such poor register system in the world. Imagine one do not need to verify his email he can go into the system and do whatever he want, what a amazing thing.

Also as i posted in general board, when one needs some pilots, it is quite easy to hire some from the market even if they are not existed now. How? Create a dummy account, by any email you want, Obama’s? That’s OK, AS will never mind you using Obama’s email to play this game. And train some pilots you want, then click the reset. Cool, I now see them on the market, happily hire them without pay more money to train. And I ran out of pilots again, just do the same, using another email you can think of and do the same, so easy, I am wondering why ‘stupid’ hard-playing user would train pilots.

And so many trick can be used by this poor register system, a good game will be destroyed so easily if everyone knows this.

First of all: The tactics you described can easily be employed using fake/throw-away email providers even if we did an immediate email check.

Second, we want to keep barriers to entry for new players as low as possible.

Finally, what you described is typical multi-accounting and as such prohibited. Not only for the temporary accounts, but also for the one receiving the benefits. We have means to detect this and we use them. We are constantly working on closing the most obvious gaps in the game’s design that facilitate cheating. The staff training part is one of them but not one of our top priorities.

There will always be cheaters, no matter whether we check their email addresses or not. The only thing we can do is strictly prosecuting them while closing as many loop-holes as possible.

Thanks for your detailed answer.

Another situation will happen if you don’t want to raise the barrier:

One bad guy register his account by some fake email address. If you are lucky, no one use that email address. Or not so lucky, the guy who owns this email address will receive a letter from AS. Wow, he has not registered his email address but received a letter from AS. What he will do? Delete it or even bad report it as a spam. OK, one guy report it as a spam, two guys, thress, four… One day the email provider like hotmail/gmail will put AS email into spam list. Then at last you still raise the barrier for the beginner. You could receive a lot of complain in your support email like "I have registered my account, but why no email received?" That day, you probably will answer, "Find it in your spam box."

That argument is based on you assuming a scenario that is highly unlikely as a fact. Not to mention that I receive a ton of emails from regular providers that fall into spam folder and I consider it no big deal.