Ideas of Slot Distribution

I think if's required to establish some slot distribution system.

I'm working at Beijing Airport, we do have slot restriction according to the type of aircraft. In fact, scheduled flight operated by light aircraft is not allowed in PEK, and small private jet has only 2 slots per hour. But in the game, to ban light aircraft is impossible, so we should put restrictions on those operator.

First, certain categories of aircraft must be decided, my idea is:

Light-I :Cessnas,LET410s.

Light-II:CRJ200/700s, ERJ135s, DH4s, ATRs.

Medium: Airbus 320s, Boeing 737s, EMB190s, CRJ900/NGs

Heavy: All wide-body aircraft included.

New York JFK as example. There're 11 slots pre 5 minutes, and they can be categorized to four groups as follow:





Geneva as example. There're 5 slots pre 5 minutes.





And those slots are upward compatible, which means a 747 can uses slottime for light or medium a/c, but a Cessna can never use a slottime for bigger plane.

The benefit is that when the game are in later phrase, transcontinental flights could be easy to arrange because the big airports have some slots reserved for them, instead of being stuck in repetitive regional flights. For long-term design, those small plane operators could pay handsome money to upgrade their slot category.

These ideas - as good as they sound - have all one in common:

If you have a limited number of slots, there will always someone be having the slot used to reserve it in some way. With the described system you would only have 1 slot/5 minutes "blocked" but in the most cases this would be to another larger airport too and not for feeder service to a small airport. And a slot in Atlanta may have another need for distribution as a slot in Anchorage.