Idlewild delayed about 6h

Idlewild has a delay of 6h since yesterday morning.

Flights aren’t delayed but booking and all other things.

In fact idlewild is delayed at least since monday 4-6 hours. Is the team doing anything about it?

Unfortunately, right now we can’t.

It seems to be "slowing down"… I notice it is now about 8 hours behind… has been consistently over the weekend… I wonder if the weekly processing will slow it down further?

Now its more than 10 hours.

Why? Is the reason known at least?

A server upgrade like some other game worlds got it recently would most likely help. But we’re somewhat low on "resources" right now.

now we are at 13h delay :ph34r:

Sorry Martin, but you have to do something about that. The delay builds up more and more, making eg. plane changes almost impossible.

I think they should close the server to use the ressources to close the gap.

there is a lot of user aktivity on there and with an growing gap there will be the risk of bigger Problems.

Monday delay due to the statistics on top of the aklready given backlog…

Wasn’t there an update to simplify the statistics process a couple of weeks ago? It seems that since then, the delay due to statistics has evolved, so the update would have gone completely wrong. Idlewild is now 16h behind… that’s definitely no fun!

I am waiting for 24 hours delay

Is it just this world or are all getting behind?

Is there something we can do to help? Like not accessing the server for a few days or so?

Any update would be welcome, maybe also on the message board in the game itself…

Low on what resources? Server resources, people to do the upgrade or money?

A little bit of each, I guess. In terms of know-how to fix the underlying problem and in terms of money to upgrade to the rather expensive new hardware for low-yielding game worlds. But as I see it, we probably won’t have a choice but get new hardware, because we surely don’t want to kill a game world.