Idlewild/Quimby down

Idlewild is down (unreachable) and Quimby apparently too. It’s a web browser timeout, while ping is still up.

and it’s now back up

Idlewild seems to be having serious issues. Since it came back up past night, it seems to be very laggy with brief moments of swiftness. Fleet assignments are timing out and now 502 bad gateway started to appear.

It’s a hardware defect…it runs on the oldest machine in our fleet. Obviously, this happens on a Saturday when I am traveling :sweat_smile:

We’re looking into replacing the hardware and/or moving the affected game worlds.

Turns our one of the SSDs has died. Data center has switched it for a new one and everything should be back to normal soon after the system has rebooted.

I have to ask for a bit more patience. The database didn’t like the switch. We’re looking into it.

Both game worlds are back up and working away on their backlog.

Unfortunately, we had to restore the databases from last night’s backups because they were corrupted during the hardware switch. This means that any changes you made after last night (around midnight) have been lost.

I will send out an email to all affected players later today. In the meantime, apologies for the inconvenience. We’ll investigate why this has happened, as it clearly shouldn’t.