IL 8 cabins for better ratings

Title pretty much says it all. I am flying a lot of il8's and i am trying to get the ratings up. My latest config has 1 xtra flight attendent in y and in c. I am using leisure seats in y and shorthaul recliner in c. My plane rating is about 34.

Any advice? Or should i raise my flight service higher? its all around 6 green or higher for all my flights


You should aim to get as high as you can. Max out the extra flight attendants - they are a cheap way to boost your ratings. 

thanks I maxed out my flight attendants just now. Any other cabin config advice or service standards?


Use comfort or comfort plus seats in y-class

that’s debateable :wink:

also, you might want to see what fits your aircrafts best

I have been able to be successful using Leisure and Leisure Plus in Y even with ~750 AGEX. Your ratings won’t be as high, nor will your margins but sometimes volume is better than quality if you are able to secure a decent market for yourself and protect yourself from competition. This model however makes connections even more important.

My experience is extra FAs and increased seat pitch in inches (in seat config) have only a negligible effect.