IL Question

Hopefully you more experienced players can help me determine if a prospective IL opportunity is worthwhile.

Currently I have a monopoly as the domestic carrier in my country, all of my routes are 100%… so my question is do I gain anything from agreeing to IL with a bigger regional carrier. They have a route to my hub from their hub… but what I am unsure of is if my routes are already maxed out… would adding the IL partner nonetheless create more demand for those booked seats allowing me to successfully raise prices? I hope that makes sense.

I understand it could also be lucrative should i decide to start an international route to my partner’s hub or other places where I could connect into his network… but I am deliberately trying to be very methodical and want to get my domestic service finely tuned before undertaking medium haul international service.

server and airline names would certainly help


Air Burma (my airline) and Kowloon Skies

right now you can use all the feeders you get, however, as both of your airlines grow, your networks will overlap.

you should try to get ILs with airlines whose hubs are as far away as possible. as your airport isn’t that busy, not too many carriers will connect to you on mid or long haul, so you will have to do that yourself.

just my two cents