im a new company and im loosing money fast

im a new company and im loosing money fast most of my flight arent full and even if there are 80 % im still loosing money! I have only 100’00 left what shoulld I do? how can I make money and not lose and im not able to change the flight prices

Lower your prices

Make sure you`re flying good routes on a new server (meigs or pearls).

Make sure you have modern aircraft with good seating and service.

To change prices go to the 3rd icon along the toolbar at the top , then select ticket prices. ( note: if there is other airlines on the route with lower prices you might want to lower the price just under theirs!

Hoped this helped :)

I would respectfully disagree. If your flights are 80% and you’re losing money that would seem to be an indication of a problem that lower ticket prices can’t fix. What kind of aircraft are you flying? How are your ticket prices now? How high is your aircraft utilization? Do you have any loans?

I did it all before I posted the quastion it aint working for me

Interlining works and a good schedule that allows transfer passengers

well I have a good schedule but im still fill almost 20 % in most cases and 80-100% in some others but im still loosing money I have 75000 left and i lost 30000 in one day what should I do?!!!

Interlining and then increase your prices btw what routes do you fly with what planes. We can only help you if you give us all the details

Or a really old one, where you can find cheap leases for most modern aircraft and thus reduce costs. The players may be bigger but they are few, and a lot of important countries do not have a domestic airline.

You need to give us some details or no one is going to be able to give you good advice. As you can see you’ve already been instructed to both raise and lower ticket prices. Tell us about what server you are on, what region you are based in, what kind of fleet you have, what your route structure is like, how much you do you charge, what is your service like, what kind of seats you use, and what your local competition is like.

Losing money is not your problem. Losing money is a symptom of your problem. Your problem that is causing you to lose money cannot be diagnosed without information about your airline.


this is my airline im in greece and in meigs world I dont have a lot of competition and my on board service is like 4 stripes and… my prices are low…and my rating is CCC!!

One of your problems is that u fly your routes with different aircrafts, some are bigger, some are smaller. This way you have difficulties to find the ideal price for the capacity/aircraft you offer. Try flying each route with the same aircraft type. This should help to manage your load.