I'm Back!

Gave up on Stapleton because I wasnt doing too well. Started a new airline on Pearls and hopefully will have six B737’s in the next 40 minutes. Hopefully I will do better on this server. Hub in orlando international, any tips on profitable routes anyone?

In about 50 minutes I will have 4 Boeing 737 - 800 HGW (Winglets), if no one out bids me, I restarted because I didn’t want the older models. I’m planning to fly to destinations like Atlanta and Charlotte, and some others in the central states. Im going to use the eco seats. Any tips anyone?

Perhaps Atlanta International? It seems to me that it’s a quite busy airport…and also…try to have a hub system. 2 or 3 times during the day when all of your planes are at your hub(it allows your passengers to chose multiple destinations)