Immediate Delivery Programe


I've been playing the game now for a while, but i've never used the IMP. I currently have a lot of money in the bank, but my budget stands at 10,000,000? Should i use this service to get more new aircraft or just leave it. It someone can explain it to me in greater detail that would be great!


The IDP is limited to AS$ 10 Millions.

And you are forced to use it when you order a new plane... :D

Whenever ordering a new plane it is a great feature. 

Is it better to buy, loan or use a lender contribution? thanks?

Leasing is the best option.

Lender Contribution is usually stupid unless you want to pay double price. Otherwise it depends on your strategy. Having ran both with leased and purchased planes I can not necessarily tell which is best.

I've never used it, all i've ever done is purchased second hand planes. I have very low cost, and operate mostly short hual routes. Can you even make money if you lease them?

Yes, of course

ok thank you 

If you are not sure whether you will keep the aircraft for really long time, don't buy it. It becomes tricky if you can't find someone to lease the aircraft when you stop using it.