Impact of using older aircraft

What can people tell a newbie about the impact on pax demand when using an older aircraft? My new airline has leased a 14 yr old 752 for a 4x weekly MAA-LGW. Despite pricing it attractively and it being the only direct route, and taking a considerable time less than the best connecting flights, the first flight is tomorrow with precisely no passengers! I’ve picked up a handful of cargo units only. I would have thought there should be decent demand between London and Chennai so can I assume people don’t want to travel on an oldish plane? I have set up a few IL agreements and my domestic routes should mostly connect well. Any ideas?

I think it has nothing to do with the age of the plane. Is it a 757-200ER? Take a look at the cabin configuration and the service settings. Which seats do you use? How is the service rated for this route?

Yes its a 752ER. Use economy seats in economy, maybe I should upgrade them? Have attached a screenshot of the ratings, what do you think?

Yes, it´s a very long distance for standard eco seats. In real life, do you want to sit in these eco seats for 10 hours?

I think better seats, better service and a little bit lower prices will help you.

A hint for your service: look at the passengers rating. It will give you a good overview for your service profile



Okay thanks for the advice I’ll make some tweaks and see how I go. :rolleyes:

Though it may seem at first that the best way to earn a good margin is keeping costs low, I can tell you from experience that when serving airports like LHR, you can charge a lot more by offering a little more. Get your 5 bars on service. Add on some more cabin crew (don’t do it for this aircraft as your seats will need to be replaced), and increase your wages a little to get staff mood high.