Increase new airports data

hello sir:


        please uodate the airports data in Indonesia and increase 4 airports

Bau-Bau Betoambari Airport : IATA: BUW    ICAO: WAWB    Runway length:1800m

Soroako Airport :IATA: SQR    ICAO: WAWS    Runway length:1018m

Batulicin Airport:IATA: BTW    ICAO: WAOC     Runway length:1830m

Luwuk Bubung Airport:IATA: LUW   ICAO: WAMW    Runway length:1970m

thanks a lot

Please send this info to

Provide sources for the info as well.

Please send this info to

Provide sources for the info as well.

i have resend servial times ,why have nobody reply and execute

  1. There is absolutely zero need to start multiple threads of the same subject. Please don’t.

  2. just because new data is sent does not mean it will be implemented or implemented immediately. A lot more research needs to be done than just the data you have sent. For example passenger numbers, flows etc

Send any NEW information to support@, they will get to it when they look at doing the next airport update. Posting it on the forums is not going to be noted. By sending multiple emails you will take up someone’s time and actually hinder your cause.

I do have to add: it’s been quite a long while since the last (airport) data patch was done, I think.

Alot of airports have grown quite a lot and/or have seen new routes being added. Can we still expect updated airport data relatively soon or is this maybe purposely being put aside until a new passenger distribution method is implemented?(I think I read something about this at some point)