Infinity Alliance

Infinity Alliance, Croydons largest and most successful alliance, is now also well established here on Stapleton. Once again we are looking to provide the best global coverage through close cooperation between our member airlines but at present we have some gaps in our network.

As a result, we are now searching for potential new members in regions we dont yet have good coverage of.

These include;

Africa (all)

Asia (especially Japan/India but excluding Hong Kong)

Europe (especially UK/France/Germany but excluding Portugal, Spain and Russia)

Middle East

At present we are not looking for any more airlines from the USA or South America

We are looking for airlines that are at least 4 weeks old, making good profits and that are willing to change IL contracts if needed to benefit fellow members.

If your airline is based in one of the mentioned regions and think you might be interested, please take a look at our forums which can be found at http://infinityallia…