Insert Transfer Flight

Here is an idea:

Would it be possible to "insert" a transfer flight in the right spot?

Currently, you can book a transfer flight, and it seems to be booked at the position of "next flight to occur".

I have found that I have some aircraft that are routed A-B today, and I change to be C-D, and Acitvate three days from now. Then, I have to be online to book the transfer flght three days from now, after arrival at B, but before departure to C. I would prefer to be able to place it in the flights screen in the right place, as soon as C-D flights begin showing up (Flights screen = Gameworld » Home » Fleets » Fleet Name » Reg # » Flights).

If somehow, I could place the transfer flight in the "right place" on that list before it were booked, that would be great.

Nope, sorry, you’ll have to be online between B and C :lol: ;)

I understand that for now… But I thought this was the "Suggestions and Ideas" Forum.

Uups, my bad, missed that “here is an idea” part. :)

And in that case, BTW, I agree with you. ;)

What I have done in the past is schedule a revenue flight between b and c. Not the most elegant solution, but If I keep prices low I can usually make a few $$$ on it and not have to be online. I agree, though, pre booking a transfer flight would be a nice option.

Interesting idea firtree… how do you do that? I thought the schedule that you activate has to be balanced (meaning first departure to X = last arrival at X)… Do you book it something like that and then cancel into what you need?

By the way - that would be a very real-world solution. I’ve seen real airlines do things like that. The concept of a “free” transfer flights is a nice one for the purpose of the game, but this is closer to "real world simulation:.

You can activate any hairbrained schedule you like. As soon as the aircraft is out of position, though, you will start having cancelations and having to pay for the inconvenienced passengers.

I clear the old schedule, check where the last flight I want is, and then schedule a flight from that location to a point on the new schedule and activate. I wait for it to post, make sure the timing works out, then delete the transfer schedule and build my new schedule. Remember to check when your aircraft will be ready (if it lands at 12:00 I don’t think it will be ready for a 12:01 departure). If you’re not doing this all by activating the final schedule 3 days out make sure to read your flight schedule carefully so that you don’t post any out of position flights.