[color=#1C2837][size=2]So If I’ve got 2 separate holding in 2 separate countries am I allowed to interline them? [/size][/color]


so then how is this possible?



It’s against the rules, but not impossible. The system won’t recognize it as cheating, it’s not programmed to do that so it won’t block your attempts, but it is against the rules. I don’t have an account on Croydon so I can’t look into it in details, but if you believe those companies you linked are breaching rules, feel free to report them.


AirlineSim is programmed in a way you can’t cheat without having many many many many … criminal energies! Interlining is possible within the same holding, so that’s the case there, my friend. If there would be different holdings you couldn’t interline.

You can try this at home: Try to interline with a enterprise of another holding of yourself.


[size=“1”]You will always get:[/size][/font][left][font=“Arial”][size=“1”][color="#ff0000"]This transaction is considered cheating, and is therefore forbidden.[/color] (btw. Isn’t there an “as” missing?) [/size][/font][/left][color="#FFFFFF"][font=“Tahoma, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”][left]


So this is basically a loop hole then (the same holding thing)?

The usual warning is “don’t try this at home” :lol:

And at Blazer:

it is not a loophole. Allow me to explain with two examples…

I could be a "poor" student who can only play with one holding. I start with 10 million dollar and I have to save money for every new plane I want to lease. And if I want to create a subsidiary, I would again have to save my profits until I have enough money. But everything I create, buy or lease, would come from the same original 10 million dollar.

You could have plenty of money and start 5 holdings, even at the same airport. If you interline these holdings, they behave like one big airline. In this case it would be as if you start with 50 milion dollar, and you could grow much faster.

The idea behind this rule is that spending more money should not give you any advantage in the game.


Sobelair that does sound like cheating to me. Are you saying one person could have multiple accounts and that’s legal?

Can you stop that discussion? It is just confusing for any newbie.


The point [/b]of this thread:

Question: “[color=#1C2837][size=2]So If I’ve got 2 separate holding in 2 separate countries am I allowed to interline them?”[/size][/color]

[color=#1C2837][size=2]Answer: As simple as it is: NO![/size][/color]

[color=#1C2837][size=2]- You are not allowed to do this.[/size][/color]

[color=#1C2837][size=2]- You are not able to do this.[/size][/color]

Out of interest, those two links you posted… What makes you believe they have the same person in control?

When you say you are not able, do you mean that AirlineSim prevents it? It seems to me the the simplest way to prevent cheating would be if AirlineSim only let you create one holding per world.

Airlinesim prevents you from interlining any company from holding A in country a with Holding B in country b. It physically prevents you from doing so, and displays the error message above as in FENN’s post above.

You can however interline any subsidiary created from the same holding, however subsidiaries are created out of the original start up money and have the traffic rights of their parent company.


nobody is talking about multiple accounts…

Your account is ToiletDuck. That account can operate several holdings. These holdings cannot do business with each other.

If ToiletDuck has one holding, and that holding has subsidiaries, holding and subsidiaries can do business with each other because it all comes from the same 10 million dollar you received when you started.

If you create several accounts, you have several login names and you pay with several credit cards. If you work like this to interline your different holdings, you are deliberately cheating.

And I agree with Tandem… There are 8 game worlds. One holding per game world would keep the rules simple and people can still operate 8 airlines ;)


To make more visual :

User Account ALPHA

->Holding ALPHA_A

–>Enterprise ALPHA_A1

–>Enterprise ALPHA_A1

–>Enterprise ALPHA_A1

->Holding ALPHA_B

–>Enterprise ALPHA_B1

–>Enterprise ALPHA_B2

User Account BRAVO

->Holding BRAVO_A

–>Enterpise BRAVO_A1

A holding is part of an account.

An enterprise subsidary is part of a holding.

Enterprise WITHIN a Holding CAN do business with each other , like leasing, interlining etc.

For Example: ALPHA_A1 leases from ALPHA_A2 or BRAVO_A has interlining with BRAVO_A1

EVERYTHING ELSE is considered cheating and therfore not allowed:

For Example: ALPHA_B1 interlines with ALPHA_A2

As far as I know it is also forbidden for one person to have multiple Accounts. You may have one Account with many (independent) Holdings but not 2 or more Accounts

What happens if one user creates several holdings with the only purpose to screw your airline?

(it is actually happening to me)

then you report it and someone will look into it. but that better be a real thing and not just a “I got too much competition at my hub” 'cause that would p*** off everyone

Well, actually is that in 2 weeks two different players had done the same tactic in my hub, which consisted on creating a new holding, base it in my hub and copy my routes. I am not going to report it, but is quite annoying to experience.