Interlining Chain

Hi there,

I have a question regarding interlining / connections.

Say I have an interlining partner in country B and my main airline in country A. I also have a sub company under my main airline in country A and an interlining only between them (main airlines and local sub).

On a flight from country B (interlining partner) to country A (main airline flight), will passengers also transfer from my interlining partner onto my local sub since they were using my main line to get from country B to A ? Or is it necessary that my interlining partner also has a interlining contract with my local sub?

Pretty complicated but I wanted to figure this out.


i try to answer your question with an example:

Airline A has signed interlining contracts with B and subsidiary S, but B hasn't signed any contract with subsidiary S.

Airline B is flying to an airport with the possibility to connect to subsidiary S: no connection will be possible

Airline B ist flying to an airport with the possibility to connect to a flight with Airline A, which itself is connecting to a flight with subsidiary S: the passenger is able to book this flight.

XXX-----Airline B----->YYY-----subsidiary S----->ZZZ   : no connection possible

WWW-----Airline B----->XXX-----Airline A----->YYY-----subsidiary S----->ZZZ  :  connection possible

OK, thats good news. 

Thank you