Interlining page

Hello AS team and community!

I have had a bit of an idea this morning and made a scribble in photoshop just now.

My idea is to include transfer statistics of partners in the IL-page to make it more useful. Like this it will be much easier to see which IL is really paying off an wich isen’t. Moreover the importance of certain partners can be confirmed much easier.

I believe that passenger and freight transfer is one of the key features of AS and this is why I think that this important information can make AS a bit more convenientfor the user. It is also a rather realistic feature, I mean, which airline does not know how many passengers it gets from a partner?

I have come to the conclusion that adding something similar to this might make AS more detailed and realistic and adds important an interesting information for the user, helping him to manage his airline more efficiently with ease.

Of course, my scribble shows a few problems: the change statistics would be very complex to show if it would be programmed in this way: one needs four changerates (one for incoming pax,one for freight, one for outgoing pax and one for freight), so I guess that it might be more sensible to create a button where you can change the display either to purely show pax or cargo.

So, tell me what you think about it!


That would be an excellent idea.


THIS! Definitely an excellent idea.

Look nice, but due to heavier computational requirements I doubt we’ll get it.

Great idea there with great example Daniel. I also completely agree with that we should be able to see if IL agreement is really paying off.

also think, it’s a great idea.

coming back to a previous thread of mine, it would be even better, if pax numbers could be broken down by class (Y/B/F).


It’s “C” for business class, not “B”. ;)

Brilliant idea!

Its certainly frustrating to get a high % of passengers through interlining and not know who to thank for it.


this is a great idea. that way we can see if the IL is making or losing money…lets hope it becomes a part of the game.

It won’t - unfortunately, as discussed some times before ;)

How about just a weekly update as per other statistics. Ofcourse it depends if the transfer data can be recorded at this lower level without imposing too much of an overhead.


I like the idea of the redesign. I know the people are transferring but to who.

Could something be added to the office page to show you number of passengers transfer to each carrier?

Can the alliances for each carrier be added to the interline page?


Sascha from the tam has already responded and given a clear answer: a redesign like this will probably not be implemented any time nearby because it would simply drain too many resources from the servers, as sad as this is -_-