Sorry if this is a stupid question…bit of a noob.

In the game rules it says two holdings controlled by the same person cannot cooperate with each other. Does this include Interlining?


It doesn’t. I think they meant like assets transfering, etc.

I am pretty sure you are incorrect. ILs are just as forbidden.

the idea behind this rule is to keep players from founding several holdings and have them work together as one "super airline". this would grant an unfair advantage. so ILs are not possible.

IL’s are the first and very thing that is forbidden. I think the game won’t even let you (unless you cheat and create a multi account in which case you will be found in about a day or two days and lose both accounts).

So in short words - you can not do that.

I am pretty sure both of you are incorrect. Unless it is not stated in official game rules, and that rule was just taken out of the blue.

It says:

It doesn’t say that ONE player with THE SAME account on THE same server that has many holdings can not sign interlining agreement with whomever he wishes, even his own.

Although it would make sense not to allow it, as I say, I haven’t came across such rule you both have mentioned.

I found the following


IP Sharing: Cooperation between two accounts which share a single IP is expressly forbidden if one of the accounts or its holdings will thereby gain an economic advantage


Hopefully SK will clarify this point.

I pointed out the fact that only this rule states anything about co-op, nothing else.

More than one holding within an account would mean that you also have more than one time starting money. So every interaction is forbidden - also interlining!

I was also wondering this and i have multiple questions, hopefully i can get it cleared out…

if i was to found two different companys, so World Wild Airlines and Air One they can’t cooperate between each other because they are two different companys…

so heres my question…

If World Wild Airlines was to found a subsidary and call it Air One, can both airlines interline with each other?

everything that comes put of the inital 10 million AS of the holding can cooperate. the rule only prohibits players from accessing more than those 10 million AS by setting up multiple holdigs and cooperating.

Just to be sure I understand this correctly. I can have 1 holding (my start up account w/10 million) and I can start a subsidiary (ie, Subsidiary Express) that can legally co-op with my primary holding in any way? If I start a second holding, then the 2 holding’s are NOT allowed to co-op in any way, ie buy the second holding for AS 100 just to get the 10 mil start up money? Seems it would make more sense to not allow more then one holding per account on a server.

you are right, more or less, regarding the cooperation. there are certain restrictions regarding aircraft trades when one of the companies is on the stock market. but you can IL with them as much as you like.

[indent=1]you can only have one holding on pearls and meigs. this was mostly introduced to manage player numbers. on the older servers, where there is a lot of free player slots, you can have multiple holdings.[/indent]

I’m fairly new to the game so here’s a question or two…

  • Can 2 [size=4][color=#333333][font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]subsidiaries of the same holding sign interlining agreements?

-Can the same account with 2 holdings sign an interlining agreement between one of the holdings and one of the subsidiaries?

-Can 2 subsidiaries of 2 different holdings belonging to the same account sign an interlining agreement?

I would relly like to get this straight, and would be thankful for any reply.[/font][/color][/size]

In a short answer:




I suspect someone from my game world of having two holdings which are interlining, but im not sure… how can i point this out to the team so that they can atleast have a look?

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Maybe you ask directly? Hey! Are you cheating? :P

I think you should send the info to the team. They will take a look.

there is a report airline feature on every info page.

NO NAME CALLING on the boards. thank you!