Invite Friends

Hi All,

Some years ago, we had the possibility to invite friends to the game, and would get some credits every time they topped up 500 credits (or something along those lines). 

Is this option still available or has it been removed?



What if somebody created a fake account, then switched back to their main account and invited the fake account to play? You wouldn't have to pay for credits (I take it this is something the AS staff don't wan't  :P )

The friend would have to buy 500 credits, before you would benefit from it..

Kinda hard work, getting hands on new credit cards and email adresses, just to earn a little bonus? Wouldnt you agree? :wink:

yes, and I think it was 30 or 50 credits once they top up 500 credits. 

Anyways, does the feature still exist? if so, where can I find it?

In that case, it seems fairer. I'm unsure if the feature is still available though. 

anyone from AS team can help?

AFAIK this function is currently unavailable as it was not used much and with some new internal redesign it wasn't implemented again. Currently we are also considering some points about our own marketing and this is of course again on that list too. But if and when it will be available is currently not decided.