IPO Anatolian Express

Hi there,

have some bucks left and no idea where to spend them? [color="#ff0000"]Invest in Turkey[/color][color="#ff0000"]![/color] Shares of the only airline connecting you to Europe and the Middle East in [color="#ff0000"]safe and comfortable[/color] Aircraft with [color="#ff0000"]superior catering[/color] are available until [color="#ff0000"]Sat 17/12/2011[/color]


[/b][/size][/center][center][size="7"][color="#ff0000"]GO HERE ![/color][/size][/center]

A couple of hours before the closing of IPO the Board of Directors will thank all of the initial bidders for their trust and engagement in supporting our aim to be the best and most reliable Airline in Turkey. Our figures turned out to be as exciting as we can pay a [color="#ff0000"]significant dividend as of 12/18/2011[/color] thanks to our [color="#ff0000"]BarBer[/color] restructuring and re-orientation program.

[size="1"]For the companies not supporting our way, especially the ones discrediting us with negative reputation here at the forum, we wish a (not too) long life as well as safe and cary habit with aircrafts since we may need them sooner or later to serve its ex-customers with our convincing superior services.[/size]