Is it a time to consider updating the demand due to the elephant in the room

In the last year and a half, there are some incidents that happened in the real world that severely disrupted the aviation industry that do not show up in any way in this game.
Of course, it is reasonable for the game not to respond to temporary real-world events, as such a volatile environment puts too much stress on both the game administrator and the players. However, after a year and a half, it seems increasingly clear that there will be a long-term event on the demand side of the aviation industry.
Given this, should the update of demand be a topic of discussion, for the least? There probably needs to be a transition to the new normal, but much evidence points to the decrease in international passenger travel in the coming years.

I would say no and there are two main reasons.

  1. This would kill a lot of the old game worlds and could destroy major airlines. While I think that might be nice for new players it is not fair to punish old players for just playing.

  2. There already is a demand option for private game worlds. AS could easily drop demand down to 30% and call it the Covid game world

Obviously, it should be done VERY carefully as a rollout to old servers would lead to many issues. In new temporary servers, it can be experimented rather easily.
However, it is going to be necessary at some point in the future, as:

  1. Airlinesim updates the airport demands based on real-world data. The increase in demand has been reflected in existing worlds approximately annually. Indefinetely pause the update is also not desirable.
  2. Tuning the demand by a percentage does not reflect the change in the ratio between domestic vs. international travel.

Generally I do agree, but the data you ask for are either available nor stable:

  • passenger and cargo statistics are updated on a yearly basis. For 2020 we had some months with normal demand before the pandemic hit. Therefore these data do not really reflect the post corona demand you are trying to implement
  • Compared to the numbers of last year we are facing demand increases by incredible numbers because the demand starts to increase again. Implementing the present numbers (only fully available at Q2 2022 when the statistics of all airports are published) would more or less force AS to do another demand update after 2022 as by then we again have incredible changes in the demand. Given the fact, that the demand data of AS have not really been update for a decade already how realistic would you judge that a yearly demand update will happen for at least the next 2-3 years?
  • It is known, that in Russia the passenger numbers dropped less than in other countries. Is it just a coincident that your main airline is based in Russia or has that nothing to do with your request to update the demand?
  • And at the very last also the input, that the present demand data have already been far of before the corona pandemic and AS was working on an update for quite a while without being able to present anything worth implementing. If the damnd data ever get updated I would judge it a waste if that happens during the pandemic as that way the data are well out of balance only a few months/years later with the need to update them again. I would say that would be a waste of developers capacity (if there at all) as well as players time to adjust everything as it is a fact that the adjustments wont be up to date for long.

From my point of view it would be smarter to update the demand after the pandemic is more or less over and the numbers have stabilized. In Europe we will then e.g. see less domestic flights and if the CO2 discussion/ecology protection is more focussed we may see a general decrease in flying.

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I agree with mostly of what Colt said. Some markets dropped much more than others - if we actually updated the demand the Philippines for example would have close to zero demand. And that’s a pretty decent market before. I would wait until in 2022-2023.

And if we want a reduced demand OP, yeah either make a private game world, join Riem, or petition for another new world end of year with Riem settings. I’m curious to see who wants to see another one of Riem, it’s one of the least popular games for a reason. From a business perspective for Simulogics, it makes no sense to offer the new product making it hard for people to survive, and therefore put $ into the Company, especially newer players - something we know is already an issue… plus demand sets aren’t cheap. I mean some agencies do some data for free but not everything and probably not for commercial use…

He is active on Riem already.

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This is way to hard to do. Demand fluctuates constantly as soon as a country removes restrictions demand is pretty much back and ones it implements them then demand falls. If we do no mirror the restrictions we can unreasonably represent the new demand.

Although a couple of clear long term outcomes will be a general drop in business travel. The days of flying for just an one our meeting are over. Those meetings will be taken over by Zoom.

Also, remember that adjusting the demand will be catastrophic for new players on old worlds. The big airlines sit on enormous cash piles and will just keep flooding the market to such an extent that it will be very hard to build large international hubs unless you have a ton of cash which only the old players have. As there is practically no way to help new players nowadays they are pretty screwed on old worlds. Especially those who don’t have experience.