Is there a tutorial anywhere

I just jumped on here to give it a shot  . I'm looking for realistic.   I been playing Airline sims a long time.   But I need a tutorial my biz education is not good.

Yes there is. Have a look on the wiki or on youtube there are some good ones I would recommended Alfapiomega's ones. There are also lots of good advice on the forums, just look around. 

And if there are information missing, feel free to ask here in the forums ;)

Apparently my Airline name is no good.    With no reason given why.   I  spent a couple hours here   trying to play  . I bankrupted it and it wont delete .  In  Start a new enterprise.  it wont delete.   I suggest some ADM delete it because I sure can't figure it out.    I'm just about done here anyways. If it's going to be a hassle to play.  Too much BS right off the bat.

You may reply to that in-game message and suggest a new name - nothing to delete!

Please note that real life brand, trademark and company names are not allowed and google provides with the first entry of your name you have chosen:

The message is gone.  Nothing to reply too. 

Send en e-mail to: - please also add information about game server and airline.