is this game easy to gain a certain market sector?

why I ask because I have 5 green in ORS flight rating and 2 to 4 green in product and image rating, but it still has very low passenger loading. why?

is that competitors are too strong???


if your ORS rating is 100 (overall rating 99) you have done the best you can do :)

If several airlines on a given route have the maximum rating, the flights are listed in chronological order. As far as I understand the game, passengers have no preference and book any available flight. Martin should be able to tell us whether the bookings are evenly spread over the available flights, or whether the passengers follow the chronological list and book the first available flight.

But as far as I can tell, your connections decide whether your flight is fully booked or not. On most of my flights, the majority of the passengers comes from a (own or external) feeder flight or takes a (own or external) connecting flight. This means an aircraft with 100 seats may carry 40 passengers from a feeder flight, 40 passengers who continue their journey on a connecting flight, and 20 passengers who only use that particular flight… As a result, airlines with an extensive network will be fully booked while airlines with few routes will only get 20 passengers.

If you start playing on a well established game server, I suggest you find a country with a decent domestic market (let’s say several airports with at least 4 green bars for passenger traffic). Make your hub in the main airport and start with domestic flights. You should be able to carry passengers to/from the capital, and there is less (international) competition on the domestic market. Check for high density routes when you add international flights. If there are 20 daily flights to airport X, you can probably squeeze an extra flight in. Your domestic routes should provide some feeders, and an interlining contract at the other end will help to make that route profitable. When you look for possible interlining partners, go for an airline that is not too big… and that does not already fly to all airports in your country. An interlining partner should extend your network.

And a last remark… if you have made some expensive mistakes, reset your holding. You will get another 10 million to start all over. Or delete your holding if you want to start again in another country.

Success !


thank you. now I go to find a partner immediately.