Is this what we want?

Hi all,

Gatow is now 11 days old and the first airlines are at 100 aircraft, even before being able to have an IPO or something simular.

I am not sure if that is what Airlinesim is about and was wondering how others feel about this.

Cheers, Sietse

I think we’ve been through this already…

Those guys from Earth Stand are CRAZY !!! Not only here, they also ruin the rest servers.

I said it before and say it again.

Blame it on the new aircraft market and the availability of everything via leasing. On earlier servers old aicraft usually had to be bought. The new server develops just as predicted.

I admit that this takes lots of the fun.

As for alliances, well, I never really cared much about, but these days I don’t see much of a difference between how some alliances are run and multi-accounts.

I’m pretty sure this topic will come up at our upcoming annual team meeting.

Until then, please continue the discussion, but keep it peaceful ;)

Hang on guys. When it gets tougher they’re gone, almost none of the original "Earth Stand" members are active on Meigs anymore… Seems like they can’t manage an airline in a more competitive world

That’s what I’m hoping for. After all, the kind of aircraft employed is a fairly important factor in flight ratings and once competition picks up they might have trouble filling their old birds when others fly shiny Airbusses. So it’ll be interesting to see whether they use their margins wisely to restructure their fleets instead of blindly building up size.

the fact is that we can’t stand the boredom in a non-competitive world

I have to admit that i’m pretty disappointed on how the new server evolves. First of all there is a bidding war and its pretty hard to get used planes. I have been bidding for a few older planes but i was outbid everytime. And it just doesn’t make sense to pay that kind of money for a 20 years old bird. I better stick to some newer metal. But that takes me time and meantime all the slots get filled at bigger airports.

Secondly Airlinesim was about realistic airline simulation. It was based on “a realistic economic model” (it’s advertised as such on the portal homepage) and that’s why i liked it so much. But i just can’t get how realistic is to have more then 100 aircraft in a matter of 10 days. That’s just plain impossible in real world. So one thing that needs to be decided from my point of view is the following: will it be realistic airline simulation or will it be just a fantasy game like Airline Manager, Airwaysim and so on.

Given that you start with a completely empty world, I claim the game behaves realistically. If there was no supply at all, this is exactly what would happen in the real world: Every flyable piece of junk would be taken to the air to satisfy demand.

What we need to discuss is how to deal with that premise. Whether it makes sense to start game worlds like that or not. And if not, how to do it otherwise.

That is quit true.GO GO ALGAE

So an empty game world is a competitive world? Uh…

Btw. Two of your members on Meigs quit with heavy losses… so it must be really boring in a non-competitive world…

Yes but let’s suppose there is no air travel and no airplanes. Because its not possible in the reality that they just disappear overnight we need to start from the assumption that we are at the beginning of the air travel era. If that would happen, when airplanes are introduced (invented) there wouldn’t be any supply of old planes as they were just introduced.

Thanks all and sorry if I added a topic already there.

Don’t see this topic as a complain, I am enjoying this server and the game and can only congratulate those who do well. For me it means having to adjust my plans and that is fine.

But this is indeed something to look in to before a new server in the far future opens up… So thanks for picking it up at the annual team meeting Martin

Now back to the market to see if nice birds are up for sale ;)

I don’t have a problem with it either, the only thing that bothers me is that slots at the big airports fill up quite fast… people who try to run an normal ,nowaday’s airline, with A320’s and 737s like me, really know that at one point, fairly soon, we need a secondary hub… A lot of airlines seem to be succesfull with the MD-80’s, while in the real world only Delta knows to make good use of them (because the MD-88 was solely made for them, and they act more like feeder planes). They are in fact the feeder for the transatlantic flight, and most of Delta’s point to point services are served by 737s, A320’s, and for now 757’s (soon 737-900’s)

The MD-80’s are actually one of the major factors that AA is forced to merge with US airways… so realistic? no, not really :)

I’m not sure but maybe it might be an idea to have some "virtual" airlines preinstalled on the servers that cover roughly 40-50% of the global demand - in a way like in a formerly regulated market that now gets opened up. After a few weeks these companies get downsized and finally close down so that the market can slowly develop itself and "bad ranked" quick growers have no chance to gain cash.

I am actually piss off by the auction battle. I want to have a plane but I don’t have time to keep placing bids. It really annoys me for keep checking email for this.


You can order new planes too - there is no need to react on other bids!

Well can’t agree anymore - sooner or later everyone of us will do so.

But the main point is:

This system punish average players while rewarding the hardcore ones (who keep checking the auction). I doubt this is the team’s original intention.