Please some one explain as to why my flights not showing on the ORS??


AC : A333

Duration : 2:37 ( Lowest among the flight that are being displayed )

* Cheapest in the list as well.


Server and Airline would help ;)

One thing I often find myself missing is that if you put 0h “Earliest Departure in” and 24h “Latest Arrival in” you will miss flights that depart say in 22 hours since they don’t land until for example 26 hours…

You often take for granted that it would work “earliest departure in 0-24 hours” and catch all daily flight, but that’s not what it do (perhaps it should).

None of my flights are showing up in ORS either.

Server: Aspern

AL: KFW Airlines

I think my flights were not showing up earlier but about an hour later I could see them, server taking a while to catch-up maybe?

If they do not appear, take a look at the rating of the flight (detail of a flight). Maybe your offer is simply not good enough.

Olympian Airways in Aspern. No ORS for flights. Everything about the flights are normal. The server went through calculation and I received no pax

Take a look at your rating for the flights ... in similar support requests the rating was worse and the flight didn't managed to be good enough for receiving bookings.